Saturday, August 11, 2007


so, this is it. i leave tomorrow for atlanta. and i just wanted to say to you all:
thanks for an amazing time all of you - this summer has been incredible, very much due to you people.
i will miss you all, and please please keep in touch! good luck with everything - and see you soon.

love you!

-Maddie Stoddart, USA

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here we go

... and a mountainview ...

... and we all know the buddha rocks here ...

who is going to Dharamsala??
--> Ask Sterling! He arranged the big house!!!!

(edited by Jan) ;-)

Monday, June 11, 2007


Coming weekend (16.06 - 17.06) we want to travel to Shimla

Who wants to join?!

Departure: Saturday morning 7.00am!

Where: Bus from the ISBT

Arrival in Chandigarh: Sunday night ...

Please leave a comment or write an SMS

The following persons join:

- Jaspreet
- Julie
- Catilin
- Meerita
- Justine
- Halina
- Sterling
- Marc
- Jan


Monday, June 04, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Does anybody wants to join this thursday - 7:45pm?!

I can arrange the tickets, but send me a message till Tuesday!
(Comment on this blog or SMS)

Who is coming :

- Halina
- Meerita
- Manveer
- Samantha
- Caitlin
- Julie
- Leonie
- Femke
- Cathy
- Midori
- Madeline
- A new trainee from Mohali ;-)
- Me


Amritsar This Weekend?

Hey guys,

Maddie and I just came back from the Aiesec Conference in Delhi. Apparently there are a lot of trainees in Delhi. We did have discussions about Aiesec India and stuff and we realised that this issue does not occur only in Chandigarh. We have raised issues on reception and interaction between Aiesec India and the trainees. The trainees in Delhi was a really fun bunch. We had alot of booze and stuff. But the sessions in the conference were pretty bad. Basically, most trainees are not satisfied which they way AIESEC India is run here. So practically trainees had their own party at the conference and the Aiesecers in India had their own fun by themselves as well.

Maddie and I are planning to go to Amritsar this weekend. So I'm just wondering if anyone is interested to go there. We will be going to Amritsar then we will heat to Attari which is just an hour plus from Amritsar. Some other trainees from Gurgaon (Some place near Delhi) might be joining us as well.

Do let me know if u guys wanna go to Amritsar this weekend k?
My contact is 9876868839.
Does anyone have facebook? Maybe we cankeep in touch which that.